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Doctors refuted common myths about sugar

Медики опровергли распространенные мифы о сахареSugar and healthy eating are incompatible, says the proverb.

But is it from the point of view of science? Scientists from new York University prepared a report, according to which the harm of sugar sometimes exaggerated.

Lately, experts noted, sugar gained a reputation as the product that can cause irreparable harm. But the authors of the report insist that sugar as such is not only not dangerous, but should be an integral part of a healthy diet in humans.

“Sugar is a poison? No, this is a myth and nothing more than a marketing ploy. A day a healthy person can safely consume up to 12.5 teaspoons of sugar,” – said on this occasion, the authoritative us expert on nutrition and the group leader Professor Marion Wore. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to Wear, to demonize sugar is beneficial, first of all, the producers of its substitutes. But consider substitutes such healthier naive, because the same honey, maple syrup and agave physiologically affect the body the same as sugar.

The expert expressed that it is wiser just to buy the products listed sugar, because otherwise they will probably be the artificial sweeteners. “The influence of sweeteners on the body to date is not fully understood,” said Marion Wore.

The assertion that sugar is a cause of overweight problems, the Professor also considers untenable “To health problems and obesity leads the sugar, and overeating high-calorie food that contains it at a high level,” the report notes.

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