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Doctors made an unexpected statement about cancer

Медики сделали неожиданное заявление о ракеLifestyle cancer is not affected

American scientists, based on the received data, said that in most cases the probability of occurrence at itself cancer man can not affect. In the study, they analyzed the incidence of 32 types of cancer in 68 countries.

66 percent of cancer cases that appear in the body of the people, is an accident that occurs because of an error in copying DNA during cell division and is not related to lifestyle or heredity. To the same conclusion reached by researchers from Johns Hopkins University.

According to experts, the likelihood of cancer due to environmental or lifestyle is on average 29 per cent and 5 per cent on heredity. “So in most cases people have no influence on the occurrence of cancer,” commented the authors in these figures.

At the same time, scientists have noted that it is common for Oncology regularity, while for some cancers the correlation of the random factor with the factor of lifestyle can be another.

“Prostate cancer and the bone in 95% of cases appears randomly, pancreatic cancer in 77 percent of cases is the result of unpredictable changes in the body. On the other hand, cancer of the lungs in 65% of cases depend on external factors, while for a random mutation accounts for only 35 percent,” they elaborated.

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