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Doctors invented a new way of quitting

Медики придумали новый способ отказа от куренияChance to quit Smoking, without the help of this method, called 100%-M.

The perennial problem of the smokers is no strength to quit Smoking. Scientists believe that in this case strength is not enough, and knowledge. Power can need and absolutely not in moral terms. As we know, only one in 20 smokers can quit Smoking on their own, connecting all their internal stockpiles. Usually, this is a very motivated people who are accustomed to set ourselves a high bar and every time you step over them without making a step back into the past. So they get to say goodbye to cigarettes once and for all.

The remaining 95% of smokers unable to give up Smoking themselves, they may only want, but they will need help from the outside. Here that us scientists decided to help, organizing a large-scale study, in which they came to the conclusion that a certain kind of human activity facilitates easier withdrawal from cigarettes and Smoking in General.

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There is no difference if you possess strength of mind or will, the main thing – to want to get rid of harmful habits and try to do it by the method which has been recently voiced by the American physicians.

What is a unique method of dealing with nicotine addiction?

Scientists came to the conclusion that smokers who regularly start to attend a gym, are much more likely to quit Smoking on their own.

Since the experiment involved smokers of different age groups, the researchers decided just to split them into two equal teams. The first of them every day had to go to the gym hard and lift weights at the gym, but the second – to try to quit Smoking all available and known methods. In the end, more than half of the first team for a few weeks, simply give up cigarettes, and the second team only a few people were able to overcome nicotine addiction.

It turns out that for an effective fight against Smoking you need to enroll in a gym and visit it every day for the first 5-7 weeks. When a cigarette is finished, the workout can be reduced to 2-3 times a week.

If you really want to quit Smoking, then nothing should stop you, the more that sport and a beautiful body is as a Supplement to what you will finally be free from the terrible habit.

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