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Doctors insist on the use of this vegetable

Медики настаивают на пользе этого овощаIt turns out that to maintain health you need to regularly eat cucumbers.

Now began the season of fresh vegetables and you may be dazzled at the market, but doctors advised not hesitate to buy cucumbers, as they are one of the most useful vegetables. Useful properties of cucumber plenty, despite the fact that the more they water.

Consider the pre-emptive properties of cucumbers from the point of view of health benefits:

1. Help to lose weight. In cucumber contains water and fiber, and these two substances establish the metabolism and help to eliminate excess fluid from the body as well as toxins. Cucumber diet and enjoys its popularity because provides a quick effect. Sitting on a cucumber, a person can lose 1 kg a day, but you should use the minimum amount of salt and drink a lot of water.

2. Care about the vascular system. Using cucumber can be a good to clean vessels from cholesterol cells. Also, cucumbers are great to reduce the blood sugar level, which is very useful for blood vessels.

3. Protect against some types of cancer. Scientists had previously voiced the results of studies that have discovered how cancer cells affect the phytonutrients found in cucumbers. As it turned out, these substances reduced the risk of cancer of the prostate and mammary glands, and they are able to suppress the growth and division of cancer cells in the pancreas, the cucumbers should be included in the diet on a regular basis.

4. Strengthen the bones. Cucumbers are rich in vitamin K, which has beneficial effects on bone health and acts as a preventive means against breakage.

5. Heals heart. Many do not know that cucumbers, like bananas, contain potassium. About the benefits of this substance for the cardiovascular system written many articles, which were confirmed by scientists.

6. Help to stay sane. Such conclusions once made scientists. And all because the cucumber contains fisetin, taking care of the nerve cells and restoring their warning of senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and strengthens memory.

7. Rejuvenate the body inside and out. Cucumber has long recognized as a natural antioxidant, which is able to take care of the youth of cells and tissues. If it is to eat cucumbers, but in the case of outdoor use, you can after some time to notice that the skin became more radiant, smooth and hydrated.

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