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Doctors insist on the danger of chocolate for women’s health

Врачи настаивают на опасности шоколада для женского здоровья Scientists ran a contest of two different types of chocolate to find out their influence on the human body.

Probably everyone knows that dark chocolate is better than white and milky. But not everyone knows what may be harmful and dangerous this sweet product.

39_resultБританские the researchers conducted several experiments to test the usefulness and harm of chocolate. The researchers found that dark chocolate is very dangerous for women. Despite the fact that it is able to normalize blood sugar and blood pressure, chocolate can trigger a number of heart ailments. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Their study, the researchers conducted on a group of women of various ages (19 to 30 years) and physique (from fat ladies to skinny girls).

Pre-dividing them into three groups, suggested that every day to eat chocolate throughout the month. Specialists, without the knowledge of the participants, one given pure dark chocolate and the other dark chocolate without polyphenols (real component in dark chocolate).

In the experiment, it was found that dark chocolate with polyphenol did not allow girls to lose weight, and some added extra pounds. And as you know, overweight is the cause of many diseases related to heart.

The part of the respondents that took pseudo-chocolate showed results much worse. First, the girl felt unwell, and increase in blood pressure.

Second, they have increased insulin sensitivity. These results suggest that after long-term use of chocolate could be at risk of developing diabetes.

British scientists are advised not to abuse the chocolate and eat it in limited quantities and to monitor their condition after drinking the next portion of the tile of this delicacy.

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