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Doctors have warned women about the dangers of premature birth

Медики предупредили женщин об опасности преждевременных родовHypoxia can lead to serious consequences.

Premature birth, which cause oxygen starvation (hypoxia) of the brain of the fetus, threatened by disturbances in the development of the child.

Scientists conducted an experiment on mice – normal and “hypoxic” group of rodents trained to walk on a fully automated “polygons”, which itself shows how much the mouse needs time to make the next move.

The control group was always faster learning to automatically overcome the obstacle. And the analysis of single neurons showed that oxygen starvation of the brain disrupts Purkinje cells – large cells of the cortex of the cerebellum.

To cope with the problem helped stimulating the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which after birth is switched to the braking effect. Therefore, GABA is necessary to enter immediately after the detection of hypoxia.

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