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Doctors have warned how dangerous chronic sleep deprivation

Медики предупредили, чем опасно хроническое недосыпаниеLack of sleep is threatened by a deadly disease

The propensity to development of cancer may be associated with a quality night of rest – to such conclusion scientists from the University of Chicago, USA.

They found that regular lack of sleep becomes the trigger for the growth of cancer cells.

After a series of experiments with laboratory mice, researchers stated “Insomnia affects the speed of occurrence and development of tumor cells”.

During the tests, the rodents were divided into two groups, one with the sleep of animals were constantly violated, which reduced the allotted time. All animals were carriers of onkokletok. After a month, it was determined that in mice with lack of sleep the tumor has grown twice as fast as those rodents that slept as it should.

Scientists warn that lack of sleep reduces the immune system’s ability to support the body’s mechanisms for disease resistance. Because of the lack of sleep the body’s cells lose the ability to regenerate, which is two times reduces the efficiency of the confrontation Oncology, experts noted.

Previously, scientists have stated that before going to sleep is dangerous to use electronic devices because their illumination has a different effect on the brain, reducing its ability to quickly fall asleep.

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