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Doctors have warned about the dangers of “old” products

Медики предупредили об опасности "старых" продуктов“Old” food shorten the life of

Eating “old” food can have a negative effect on DNA integrity, thus shortening the life expectancy of people. The announcement was made by scientists from Harvard University, USA.

American researchers have compared the meat for 3-year-old deer with deer meat 25 years of age. Their analysis revealed a significant difference in the potential benefits for the body, which possessed each of the samples of meat. In particular, it was found that meat is more of an adult animal carrying a risk associated with cell disruption.

“The meat of an old deer for a long time have managed to accumulate in his part of the undesirable components – evidence of age-related changes. This has made it much less healthy and nutritious than the meat of a young animal,” — told the experts. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Scientists believe that eating foods from the “age” of products may be associated with negative changes in the body. The aging process inevitably involves damage to the biochemical structures that are becoming more significant with time. “Old” products are sources of substances that occur in the tissues as a result of such damage, experts say.

“The use of such products may accelerate aging in those cases, when the ingredients begin to influence the processes of gene regulation, contributing to irregularities in DNA”, noted the authors of the project.

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