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Doctors have suggested to help the stomach without drugs

Медики подсказали, как помочь желудку без лекарствThink about the digestion most of us begin when it is faltering.

Only then can we start suffering from discomfort and abdominal pain, excess sentimentality and kilograms.

Not to bring everything to extremes, you need to be able to “shake up” your digestion, balance and if necessary to accelerate the processes of digestion. How to do it? Experts have gathered for you the most effective recipes, reports health info with reference to

Start the day with yogurt

In the morning when we Wake up, the body is not yet ready for active work, including the digestion of food. Start digestive system will help the Cup of yogurt. Acid in this product kindles the digestive fire, and the protein facilitates the function of the enzyme system. At night, the yogurt drink is not worth it – enabled metabolic processes will contribute to robust and healthy sleep.

Eat some mustard

To speed up the digestion of heavy foods (pork, lamb, etc.) will help the hot spices, particularly mustard. This seasoning increases the secretion of gastric juice during meals, therefore, AIDS the digestive process. Grind in a mortar 5 pieces mustard seeds and add the powder in 1 tsp honey. Eat this mixture for 15 minutes before eating and wash down with warm water.

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A glass of warm water before eating and hot – between meals

Prepare the stomach to receive food – drink for 20-30 minutes a glass of warm water (about 36-37 degrees). This water wash away the remnants of the gastric juice, which was in the stomach for a long time, and will go into the intestine. Released, the stomach will secrete fresh gastric juice that will digest food more efficiently. The water should be close to body temperature as cold drinks extinguish the digestive “fire” and complicate digestion.

And during the meal, allow yourself 2-3 SIPS of hot water. It provides good hydration without “flooding” the digestive system, when she starts digestion.

After eating water to drink can not – it reduces the concentration of gastric juice in digestion, which is fraught with heaviness in the stomach and “stop”.

Ginger with lemon and salt before eating

To ignite the digestive fire, will help ginger with lemon and salt. Getting a wholesome food, eat a fresh piece of ginger with salt lemon wedge. This cocktail stimulates the salivary glands, producing the necessary enzymes, so the nutrients in food are easily digested.

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Itself is already citric acid interacts with other enzymes and acids, and stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, strengthening the digestion.

Grapefruit before a fatty meal

Before the meal start digestive system grapefruit. Contained therein essential oils and organic acids stimulate metabolism, accelerate digestion, digestion and production of digestive juices.

Especially the actual grapefruit before intake of fatty foods. The fact is that the fats stay longer in the stomach and slow down the secretion of gastric juice for 2-3 hours, and only under the influence formed by the time fatty acids the secretion of gastric juice is restored. Citrus, eaten as an aperitif, its acids “start” the stomach and not allow the heavy food to stay.

After eating a 5-minute break

After dinner, do not rush to get up. Give your body 5-10 minutes to just tune in digestion. Active, activity immediately after eating will suspend and stretch the process of digestion, as the body will be sent already in motion, and not in the processing of fuel.

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