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Doctors have suggested that there are during the cold

Медики подсказали, что есть в период простуд With this diet you can protect yourself from ferocious virus.

On the eve of a mass influenza and SARS, it is important to provide the body with a full range of vitamins and minerals to protect from diseases.

During epidemics and in anticipation of the flu virus is on a daily basis to ensure that food was full and sufficient. It is desirable that the menu 60-70% included vegetable products.

Because in them is the greatest number required to protect from viruses elements.

“For the shortfall of vitamin A on your should always present dishes from the liver, red fruits and vegetables, oils of animal origin. B1 is found in dairy products, various cereals, peas.

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Vitamin B2 is rich in dairy products, red and white meat, offal, buckwheat and oatmeal, legumes.

Lack of B6 do not feel those who regularly eat fish, chicken, beans, potato, sweet pepper. B12 is found in oily fish, meat and offal.

Vitamin C is the most rapidly recovered, if you regularly drink the infusion of rose hips. Just keep in mind that it can not be brewed with boiling water in an open pan. Better at night a handful of the fruit pour hot water (3-4 minutes after boiling). Vitamin C in large quantities contained in currants, sea buckthorn, citrus, greens onions, green peas and apples and sauerkraut.

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To compensate for the deficiency of vitamin D can include in their menu of omelettes, cod liver oil, butter,” – said the doctor.

The doctor recommends that you carefully monitor your mood, raise it all the way and a good night’s sleep.

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After all, when we are angry or upset, a huge number of vitamins and minerals is spent on maintaining the nervous system.

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