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Doctors have suggested how to improve the memory of elderly people

Медики подсказали, как укрепить память пожилыми людямAge-related memory loss can be caused by sleep disorders, natural to old age.

But if a person will achieve improved quality of sleep, memory problems, he will be much less, the researchers found.

Natural for elderly sleep disorders cause memory issues, and improving the quality of sleep can enhance a person’s memory, as found by scientists from the University of California at Berkeley. They have proven that memory loss is not an inevitable consequence of aging, but rather stems from poor quality of sleep. Sleep plays an important role in memory formation, the transfer of information from temporary storage to permanent storage in the brain. If an older person is not getting enough sleep at night, the process of accumulation of memory is disturbed.

Long term memories are formed in the moment when our brain produces two kinds of electric waves for the development phase of deep sleep, but in the brain of older people is often marked out of sync the two waves. A new study found a link between the ability to recover information in the brain and quality of sleep. So, while improving the quality of sleep you can reduce the degree of memory loss, that is, even to ease the symptoms of dementia.

From the most common kind of dementia – Alzheimer’s disease – extends to over 5.5 million people in the US. The aging of the population, their number will increase. For science still remains a mystery what role sleep plays in our survival mechanism, however, proved that it allows you to preserve memories. During wakefulness, the hippocampus forms a short memory on the basis of sensory information, i.e. what we see, hear and feel. Night during sleep part of this short-term memory is processed into long-term, and most are simply erased by the brain as irrelevant.

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