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Doctors have sounded a recipe that’ll relieve you from insomnia

Медики озвучили рецепт, который в два счета избавит вас от бессонницыThis decoction helps to cope with a difficult situation.

When I have difficulty sleeping I always use this recipe. 100% result!

Sleep is very important, and its absence can cause serious health problems. Lack of sleep can cause hypertension, mood swings, stress, poor brain function and heart problems.

The study showed that people who sleep less than 6:00, may increase the risk of coronary artery disease by 23% than those who sleep longer than 7:00.

In people with sleep problems arise heart disease by 79% more likely than those who sleep normally.

Today, for various problems many people suffer from sleep disorders. These people need help to have a full night’s sleep and help your health.

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Here are the main signs of sleep deprivation:

– Depression or anxiety.
– Wake up very early.
– Poor concentration.
– Fatigue in the morning.
Is memory loss.

The advantage of getting enough sleep:

– Strong immune system
– A great mood.
– Large concentration and mental well-being.

Many people use sleeping pills to solve their problems, but you should know that there are natural ways to improve your sleep!

You only need to drink a Cup of this wonderful tea before bed.

Necessary ingredients:

One organic banana.
– a pinch of cinnamon.
A small saucepan with water (about 500 ml).

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Method of preparation:

Boil water, cut the end of the banana and add the banana into the water. Leave it on for ten minutes and then strain the water. Place the tea in a Cup and add a little cinnamon. That’s all!


You should drink this tea for no more than one hour before bedtime.

The richness of the banana, fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium will help the body to relax, and cinnamon in tea will bring calm and ease falling asleep.

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