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Doctors have revealed unexpected properties of soap

Медики выявили неожиданные свойства хозяйственного мыла Scientists claim that this is a common detergent useful for beauty and health.

According to scientists, the soap is the best disinfectant. It also allows you to get rid of a cold and wrinkles on the skin.

At the present time, when the stores a full range of household chemicals to the limit, to the usual washing soap turn their attention only to a few. Scientists say that this was a genuine mistake. Because this detergent a natural remedy will not bring any harm to the body at any age, will not cause allergies or even some trouble.

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Moreover, 72% Laundry soap in bar, can replace the expensive wrinkle cream and at least a cheap nose drops for colds. About it scientists say.

To wrinkles for a long time do not spoil the skin, you need two times a week, wash with a solution of soapy water. You can use soap in the bath, the pores on the skin will be cleansed no worse than in expensive salons.

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A cotton swab dipped in soapy water, quickly get rid of the annoying runny nose. They need to grease the inside of the sinuses.

The scientists also discovered a long forgotten secret for women. Washing soap will replace the beautiful half of the population is the most expensive intim-gel.

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