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Doctors have named two of the usual product, which can be fatal

Медики назвали два привычных продукта, которые могут быть смертельнымиSome products that are regularly present in human diet, can lead to serious health problems, even death, scientists warn.

On the basis of their study, experts said that these products include potatoes and fish.

In particular, potato leaves, sprouts and stems contain poisonous and toxic substances established researchers.

If the potato stays on the sun, these toxic compounds can accumulate in the tubers. One warning is the greenish tint of the tuber is a potato is better to throw, warned scientists.

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Fish is dangerous because in her stomach often gets mercury, which does not evaporate even after preparation and heat treatment of fish and also tends to accumulate in the human body.

All of the above is extremely adversely affects the kidneys. In addition, caution should be consumed raw honey, tuna, cherry stones and Apple seeds.

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