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Doctors have named the main causes of lower back pain

Медики назвали главные причины боли в поясницеBack pain is a common complaint of patients.

Lower back pain is familiar not only to people of advanced age, the body weakens with age due to lack of minerals.

Today, experiencing frequent physical, mental and emotional stress, lower back pain and complain about the younger generation.

What is the cause of lumbalgia, which affects almost 80% of adults on the planet?

Medical experts say that back pain does not always mean the problem is in this part of the spine. Often such a complaint silenzium on the number of violations. For example, a secondary lower back pain indicates an inflammatory infectious process, and even the formation of cancer cells in the pelvic organs or lesions of large blood vessels, diseases of the nervous system. Therefore, in any case can not endure the pain – needs urgent examination and a consultation with a surgeon, because complications can be unpredictable and heavy.

So the modern medicine is known for such reasons for lower back pain:

Low back pain is the result of sedentary work and passive leisure; disease office staff, secretaries, drivers, etc. If you do not do sports, fitness, not to do the basic exercises, there is a pinching of the nerve roots coming from the spinal cord.

About degenerative disc disease evidenced by aching pain in the lower back, which, however, disappears when changing position. If you run such a painful condition over time, you can see the curvature of the spine, dysfunction of the colon and bladder.

Sciatica – pinching of the nerve roots in the sacrum with the defeat of the sciatic nerve extending from the lumbar to the toes. Therefore, in this case, sudden pain in the lower back due to degeneration of the intervertebral disc immobilizes the person.

Pyelonephritis – inflammation of the kidneys, as evidenced by aching pain in the umbilicus and hypochondria (in the place of attachment of the ribs to the spine). Associated pain with stretching of the capsule, which is a kidney.

Pregnancy: lower back pain in the early stages and late stages vary greatly. So, sharp, throbbing lower back pain in first weeks of pregnancy can mean a miscarriage or a rapid increase in the release of the hormone progesterone. If the pain spreads not only lower back, but on the lower abdomen, an urgent need to run to the gynecologist to confirm or exclude an ectopic pregnancy.

As for the late timing, the variable a nagging pain can be associated, firstly, with the growth of the fetus, which puts pressure on the sacrum, and secondly with the production of the hormone relaxin, which relaxes muscles in anticipation of childbirth. But the sharp pain may indicate the shortening of the cervix and disclosure of uterine throat.

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