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Doctors have listed the most harmful products for bowel

Медики перечислили самые вредные продукты для кишечника Such food is better not to abuse.

Studies have shown that in fact, our body consists of more bacteria than cells. We are more bacteria than human! And together all these trillions of bacteria are called “microbiome”.

Most of these bacteria live in our intestines – sometimes called the “gut microbiota”, and they play a lot of roles in our health in General.

So the intestines are not as a body, the only area of responsibility of which – the process of digestion. It was also seen as the main protagonist during the regulation of inflammation and immunity.

Different people have a healthy gut consists of different sequences of bacteria – and this diversity affects their health.

A nutritionist from Australia Emma Taylor called the 5 of especially dangerous foods that should be avoided in order not to harm the digestive tract and intestines. The list includes some types of vegetables.

Emma Taylor argues that even foods that seem healthy can have adverse effects – especially foods that contain high levels of lectins.

First is the tomatoes. Due to the large number of seeds, tomatoes contain a lot of lectins that can cause digestive problems.

The following of the most dangerous foods containing lectin, and a potato.

Peanuts and cashews also contain large amounts of lectins that can pass through the intestinal membrane and into the bloodstream. The large number of lectins in the blood can lead to increased growth of carcinogens, also known as cancer cells. For this reason, a nutritionist does not recommend the use of corn and red beans.

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