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Doctors have listed five diseases arising from the air conditioner

Врачи перечислили пять заболеваний, возникающих от кондиционера The air conditioner can not only cause the common cold.

The best office workers in the summer is air conditioning. They “start a change” the first — early in the morning and finished last in the late evening. They bring to the office a welcome fresh, cool and… many of the disease. Air conditioners can cause allergies, sore throats, legionellosis.

News.ru asked the doctor and ecologist to tell you what diseases you get from working in an office with air conditioning or regularly including home. On the question of the portal said the technical Director of the Association of independent laboratories, Testico and Alexander Kuksa and chief physician of Moscow municipal hospital no 64 Olga Sharapova.

To catch a cold sitting under the air conditioner — standard situation. Not only because it is possible to SuperCool. The air conditioner ferries from place to place only internal air. So if someone from the staff was cold, bacteria or viruses from the air flow reach colleagues. So personal SARS, for example, an office worker Ivan Ivanov become common property. Employees massively sick office “is dying”.

Many people like to turn the air conditioner on full blast. Everybody on the street +35, and in a room of +16. Experts say that this is unacceptable. The temperature in room with air conditioning should not be separated from the street by more than 10 degrees. All because with a larger temperature difference occurs angina. The throat is stronger than all react to sudden temperature fluctuations.

She can be on the dust from the air conditioner. Often happens: people forget their air conditioning on all winter and summer “revived” device. No cleansing of the equipment they produce. The result of the accumulated dust bursts into the room and spreads throughout the area.

It could trigger an allergic reaction. There is also a danger that next to the building blooms a tree with lots of pollen. Pollen can stay in the air conditioning and then again to get into the indoor air, even when the tree ceases to bloom.

In the stagnant dust of uncleaned air conditioners can see bacteriologically (born pathogenic bacteria). They cause the disease legionellosis. Disease, as a rule, with marked fever, General intoxication, pulmonary, Central nervous system, digestive system. Legionellosis office workers get sick often, even in large corporations there are cases of infection. Patients this disease is based on the hospitalization. Man falls out of life for a few weeks or even a month.

Dry skin
People with sensitive skin can happen an unpredictable reaction to the conditioning. They are covered with spots, skin begins to dry and peel. Because the body responds to the microscopic particles of dust, which carries a cooling device. To deal with this impossible. The only way steer clear away from air conditioner.

The dust from the air conditioner to provoke another unpleasant disease — sinusitis. It is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of one or more paranasal sinuses. It can cause both viruses and bacteria. This disease can move in sinusitis (inflammation of maxillary paranasal sinuses).

This may cause the appearance of pus in the nasopharynx. This situation faces surgery and a long rehabilitation after. In the height of summer man falls out of life for a few weeks and instead of shish kebabs on the nature of the content of buckwheat porridge on the water in the hospital.

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