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Doctors have found many people do not know they have hypertension

Медики выяснили, сколько людей не знает, что у них гипертония This “silent killer”.

Every 8th person suffering from high blood pressure don’t even know about it. Meanwhile, this disorder is the “silent killer”, which gradually leads man to the deadly strokes or heart attacks.

British researchers found that every 8th adult citizen of England living with undiagnosed high blood pressure, which he doesn’t even know. It puts millions of people at higher risk in connection with risk of development of strokes and heart attacks. High blood pressure or hypertension is often called the “silent killer” that is due to the fact that this disorder often develops without any symptoms. People are not aware of the presence of hypertension until, until it becomes the victim of a serious stroke or heart attack, often leading to death or severe disability.

Note that today at the disposal of the majority of people are available and quite reliable home blood pressure monitors that allow measurements of blood pressure daily. It is this and seek the doctors who believe that the measurement pressure should be for a person of the same daily routine as brushing your teeth or temperature measurements in case of illness. Sooner will be observed the pathological changes of the pressure, the higher the probability of timely start taking preventive medicines.

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This kind of drugs are much reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Treatment of these serious illnesses costing the Russian economy billions of rubles and hundreds of thousands of people every year die or become disabled due to the fact that they just were watching my pressure.

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