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Doctors have found how much you need to sleep to lose weight

Медики  выяснили, сколько нужно спать, чтобы похудетьScientists call the rate of sleep for the prevention of obesity.

Experts from Leeds University concluded that people who sleep on average 6 hours a day have waist 3 cm wider than those who are resting 9 hours a day.

Scientists have studied the lifestyles of more than 1.6 thousand people.

Scientific work carried out under the direction of Dr. Laura hardy. Researchers have studied the connection between sleep duration, diet and body weight, but also tracked and metrics such as blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, thyroid function.

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If a man sleeps little, then his body is reduced to the level of so-called “good” cholesterol. As a result, he risks to get cardiovascular disease. Each person requires a different amount of time to fully get enough sleep, however, scientists announce the average rate of 7?9 hours a day.

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