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Doctors have dispelled myths about the most unhealthy cuisines in the world

Медики развеяли мифы о самых вредных для здоровья кухнях мираExperts in the field of nutrition, published a list of the five most harmful cuisines of the world.

There are completely different nutritional point of view stating that the impact of food is very individual, and is absolutely harmful or useful nutrition systems does not happen.

In the list of hazardous cuisines of the world, compiled by scientists, turned out to be the gastronomic traditions of the Czech, American, German, Belgian and Hungarian national dishes. The main claim of experts in these diets too much fried foods and sweets. In addition, experts have elaborated, that Czech cuisine is recognized as harmful for a large number of dishes from roast pork fatty, high-calorie side dishes and beer, American for the abundance of fatty and sugary fast food, German – for excess pork, beer, pastries and sausages, Belgian excessive amount of fatty dairy products and sweet, Hungarian – spiced spicy meat.

But, commenting on the theme of harmful, the famous Russian nutritionist Margarita Koroleva noticed that the concept of good and bad kitchen is very subjective. Someone harmful can become something that can benefit another, the Queen said.

According to a nutritionist, there is nothing wrong to taste the cuisine of different countries, as the body due to this receives a variety of tastes. But most importantly, you need to avoid satiety and overeating. The Queen stressed that for each person, most healthy and natural food system native to the region.

“We have to give preference to dishes gentle processing of grain, meat, vegetables and fruit. In addition, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, learn to manage stress and get adequate sleep. This will be the prevention of weight gain and problems such as the development of hypertension, ischemia, vascular disease, cancer,” advised the expert.

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