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Doctors have discovered an unusual property of Java

Медики обнаружили необычное свойство кофеCaffeine increases the chances of pregnancy.

Scientists from China managed to prove empirically that regular intake of caffeine increases female fertility. As it turned out, the chances depend not least from her diet, including regular consumption of coffee.

The theory derived in the laboratory during the experiment on rodents. Its authors — experts-biologists from the University of Huazhong (Wuhan), China. In the study, scholars found that the magnitude of the litter, as well as the frequency of pregnancy in females depend on the diet.

Those test subjects who received the dose of caffeine was transferred pregnancy more often than their relatives with a normal diet. The basis for the study was the experiences of our Italian colleagues held in 1998. Then also put forward the theory that Italians are prolific including frequent drinking coffee.

However, experts admit that the theory still needs work, as the specific relationships were found.

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