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Doctors have discovered an unusual property of alcohol

Медики обнаружили необычное свойство алкоголя It helps to remember only the good.

American scientists have found that alcohol helps to get rid of bad memories and focus on the good. The research of neuroscientists from brown University, published in the journal Neuron.

The experiment was carried out on fruit flies, which are attracted to alcohol. In the study, researchers trained flies find alcohol, and then was turned off a variety of genes that could be involved in the formation of dependence on alcohol.

It turned out that one of these genes is responsible for the production of the protein Notch, which plays an important role in embryonic development, brain development and his work in adults. Notch is a component of an extensive signaling network, which also includes D2-like receptor – a protein that recognizes the neurotransmitter dopamine. From working D-2-like receptor, in particular, depends, as will be perceived or that the memory is pleasant or not.

Alcohol affects the operation of the entire signaling network responsible for the formation of memories. Its impact leads to a change of D-2-like receptor – replacement of one amino acid. Scientists estimate that about three glasses of wine can change the perception of memories in humans for about a day.

Biologists can’t say exactly how it changes the perception of the memories, but I think that alcohol makes them more enjoyable.

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