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Doctors have developed a new method of dealing with allergies

Медики разработали новый метод борьбы с аллергиейSpecial gene to prevent allergies.

A new method to prevent allergic reactions invited experts from the USA, to date, therapy for allergies is either to stop the release of histamine, or the impact on the overall immune response to the allergen.

Both methods, however, are not considered particularly effective, and radical intervention in the immune system often leads to serious consequences. A new method researchers from the Institute of North Carolina is the impact on the key receptor of mast cells and basophils.

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From the behavior of these cells, which are a special form of inflammation depends on an allergic response. Cells function as part of the immune system, and when contact with an allergen specific to it cells act through its receptor on fat cells, stimulating them and basophils. This causes activation of the mediators of type of histamine, which leads to allergic response.

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Special gene to prevent allergies. This gene is expressed only in these cells, and is responsible for the formation of a receptor of immunoglobulin E. Method allows you to affect the activation of mast cells and reduce allergic reactions.

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