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Doctors have debunked a very popular myth about weight loss

Медики развенчали очень популярный миф о похуденииScientists recommended to exclude from the diet popular product

Scientists from UK have debunked a very popular myth about weight loss.

It is quite a tasty product that is recommended by many nutritionists. But experts were of a different opinion and explained why this product for weight loss everything diet.

British scientists have called one of the main culprits of excess weight. It proved to be a popular sweetener – honey. The fact that honey with label healthy super-product, is positioned by nutritionists as an adequate substitute for sugar without the calories. However, doctors from the Association Action on Sugar don’t think so.

The researchers believe that honey, that sugar, in terms of weight gain does not matter. And honey is not a product for weight loss and provocateur of obesity. To prove it wasn’t hard. To do this, scientists made the purchase in the shop where we got maple syrup, jam and honey. The result was that in these sweet products there are lots of sugars. In particular, honey contains up to 86% of pure sugar. And jams and syrups contain up to 88% of pure refined sugar! Yes, it’s just provocateurs obesity. It should be noted that the risk and foods that contain honey. For example, dietary bread.

Pure sugar is sucrose, glucose and fructose. Especially fructose, which was sold in drugstores as a sweetener for weight loss. The scientists stressed that in a teaspoon of honey contains 6 grams of sugars, and the sugar-sand – only 4 grams. It turns out that honey not only helps with weight loss, but also hurts the figure even more than sugar is the main cause of all ills.

Therefore, experts do not recommend to be fond of honey, and certainly not to rely on it when you are on a diet and want something sweet. It will not help and will only exacerbate the problem.

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