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Doctors have called the sweetness, which need to eat every day

Медики назвали сладость, которую необходимо есть каждый деньDark chocolate protects against heart attack.

Dark chocolate again in the crosshairs of researchers. It turns out that his fans have a more healthy cardiovascular system and are less likely to suffer from heart attacks.

The benefits of chocolate this time prove the scientific staff of the University of California.

The experiment was not global, and focused a narrow group of people with problematic blood vessels. Over the past two weeks were given servings of dark chocolate every day.

The peculiarity of the research was that one group ate the “right” chocolate is rich in flavonoids product from cocoa, and the second group – the “wrong” product, with low content of useful component, although it looked like chocolate.

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The participants didn’t know eat different kinds of chocolate.

After two weeks, the researchers tested the result “chocolate diet”, examining indicators of vascular health of the participants.

It turned out that the first group, people who ate chocolate with flavonoids, improving the patency of veins and capillaries was 13%. But such changes are known to significantly reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and development of heart attack and stroke.

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In the end it becomes clear: the more cocoa in a product and the less sugar, the better it is for the heart. The blacker the chocolate, the higher its preventive potential.

Previous research indicates that black chocolate is good for the figure, reduces stress, helps to carry the baby during pregnancy.

In General, this sweetness in moderation should be present in the diet of someone who cares about their health.

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