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Doctors have called the most useful products.

Врачи назвали самые полезные продукты для сосудовThe experts suggested using some of the products to maintain a healthy blood vessels.

Scientists have shown that nutrition can have an impact on the condition of the vessels. It has been proven that they can suffer from malnutrition.

The vessel is an elastic tube in the human body, which blood. It can stromerova vessel in case its texture is thick. On the walls of blood vessels are formed atherosclerotic plaque under the influence of glucose and cholesterol. These growths are also able to block free flow of blood in the vessel. There are foods that should be consumed to maintain health of blood vessels.

Spinach contains 2 components, positively affecting the vascular walls. This substance expands the walls of our blood tubes, and folic acid, which also promotes relaxation of blood vessels. The consumption of spinach prevents the occurrence of angina, reduce blood pressure and minimizes the risks of heart attack and stroke. You will need 200g of greens a day.

Pomegranate contains polyphenols belonging to the group of potent antioxidants that reduce the ability of platelets to stick together. So prevented the thrombus formation. So, pomegranate prevents the formation of blood clots and the food is very good, in the opinion of cardiology. Enough 100 grams per day of pomegranate or blood thinning.

Black tea also has beneficial effects on blood vessels. It contains a group of substances having antioxidant properties and ability to dissolve atherosclerotic plaques, that is, it prevents the disease atherosclerosis. If you drink 4 cups of unsweetened tea per day without any additives, the use of it is guaranteed.

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