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Doctors have called the most useful products for men’s health

Медики назвали самые полезные продукты для мужского здоровьяTomatoes reduce testosterone level

Pharmaceutical drugs may not be required, as a mixture of resveratrol (grapes, wine, raisins) and curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory effect, and therefore gives relief in diseases of the joints and ligaments.

If you replace the raisins with soy, you get the gift of a man: curcumin and isoflavones which are in soy a lot, relieve inflammation of the prostate, preventing more serious disease.

If a man is middle-aged and older eat a lot of broccoli and tomatoes, his sperm healthier. This was confirmed by research scientists from the University of Illinois. Professor of nutrition John Erdman believes that all the matter in the total action of the components. Warn a loved one: if you want to be healthy, you have to eat plates of raw broccoli and two bowls of tomatoes every day.

Tomatoes reduce testosterone level, and this is important because many education for prostate cancer are sensitive to this hormone. To reduce his concentration – then automatically slow down the growth of unwanted structures.

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