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Doctors have called the most useful products for liver health

Врачи назвали самые полезные продукты для здоровья печениDoctors have suggested to help the liver to regenerate.

The liver “integrated plant of our body” is a giant filtration system that needs to run in optimum conditions, so you are not faced with health problems.

Because the liver in adults are usually overloaded with work, she’s already tired or even almost exhausted their reserves. Should know how to help her recover.

We give next some useful tips in order to protect this vital organ.

The liver performs vital functions in the body. It helps in detoxification, removes certain poisons from the blood, secretes bile and fights infections. It is important to know how to take care of it and protect from negative influences.

Here’s how you can help the liver regenerate:

• Eat large amounts of raw salad of bitter herbs: chicory, artichoke, dandelion.

• Take milk Thistle extract which is one of the best hepatoprotective medicines. Don’t neglect the beet, because it is also good for the liver.

• Replace a few times a week in your diet meat, especially pork, fish. If you eat a lot of chicken and eggs, also sometimes instead eat boiled or baked fish.

• Eat the following foods in small amounts: butter, cream, bacon, bacon. Thus, most of the fat is processed already in the stomach, and relaxes the liver and facilitates its task.

• Reduce portions of food and stay away from heavy meals before bedtime.

• Full use of the abundance of fruits and vegetables. This is the best time to support and cleanse the liver.

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