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Doctors have called the most useful product for strengthening bones

Врачи назвали самый полезный продукт для укрепления костейNamed benefits and harms of cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese – a product known since time immemorial. It is made by heating natural milk and pumping the released serum.

Use cottage cheese consists of a set of indicators: amino acids, vitamins a, B, E, P, magnesium, iron, calcium, no lactose, and most importantly – how much protein in cottage cheese! Seemingly solid advantages. However, there are certain difficulties.

It is important to remember that cottage cheese is a great medium for propagation of Escherichia coli. So do not buy the product with hands, be wary of farm deals. Ekaterina Belova said: “the farmer does not always mean quality. Here the use of cottage cheese for women and men is determined by a number of indicators: an important food for cows, and cleanliness of the owner. Of course, market competition provides the incentive for farmers. But it’s better to buy cheese only from those producers whom you know personally and whose farm has seen.”

If like Dating you is to acquire not managed, it is better to give preference to fasovannogo cottage cheese stored in refrigerated shop Windows. To prepare curd you can own the house, but then you have to choose a only natural milk. Otherwise, any good cheese will bring.

Or regular cottage cheese? Use of the product, it does not define. But shelf life is an important indicator of the quality of the product. The smaller the cheese the more natural. Ideally, the storage period should not exceed 72 hours, however, for producers it is more profitable to sell the product with a longer shelf life. Unfortunately, such a cheese of good body not add.

Cheese product
In stores today you can find not only cheese, but also the so-called cheese product. At first glance, the differences are minimal, but on closer examination it appears that the cheese product has many supplements, not all of which are beneficial to our health. Remember that natural cheese can be called only by the product made from whole milk with natural starter cultures. If you find vegetable fats or reconstituted milk, and emulsifiers, stabilizers, acidity regulators, you cheese product. Ekaterina Belova says: “Even if part of the cheese you see is allowed supplements, it’s better such product to buy. Adding something to the composition, the manufacturer aims to increase the shelf life of the product, but not the good cheese for the human body”.

Fat cottage cheese
It is believed that low-fat cottage cheese is a dietary, and therefore the most suitable for the diet of people, weight watchers and health. However, numerous studies show that the use of skim milk cheese – the question is doubtful. All because for the assimilation of calcium, which is so rich in cheese, essential fats, proteins and vitamin D. Therefore, the most balanced experts recognize that is 9% cottage cheese and low fat cottage cheese good, alas, does not work.

If you’re afraid that calorie cottage cheese with a high proportion of fat becomes too high, and it will not affect positively on the figure, give preference to 4-5% cottage cheese. As noted by Ekaterina Belova, this product is versatile, it is suitable for diet of the diet and nutrition of athletes for whom the core is not the amount of calories, and the question “how much protein in cottage cheese”. Also works well acceptance of the alternation of cheese calorie and fat. So, if some day you ate, for example, 20% of farmer’s cheese, next time better to choose a less fatty option.

The dangers of cheese
Use cottage cheese for women and men from too frequent use of the product may come to naught. “From the point of view of nutrition cottage cheese – protein product. For the normal functioning of the human body does not need too much protein. So go to the cottage cheese diet is not necessary. For an adult it is better to eat cheese is not more than 4 times a week, rather for children 2-3 times,” – says Ekaterina Belova.

Also watch for expiration date. Expired products can cause kidney problems or cause an infection of the intestines. Cheese, of course, are best stored in the refrigerator and do not buy for the future, to be able to eat for 72 hours. Remember that poor vacuum pack shelf life of product is reduced.

Allergic to cheese
Cheese does not contain lactose, so it is suitable even for people with milk allergies. But the individual intolerance of the product. “Today, allergies in its pure form no longer exists. Intolerance is a phenomenon multifactorial, most often due to lowered immunity, poor quality food, chemical additives, says Ekaterina Belova. – So cheese may not be the true cause allergic reactions, and play a catalytic role. In any case, do not be afraid of such developments, and need to figure out why the body has failed. It is possible that after the elimination of the true causes, you will again be able to return the cottage cheese in your diet”.

How to choose a cheese
To choose a really useful cheese it is important to observe a few simple conditions. Choose the product that you like, but don’t follow a low-fat version. Carefully read the composition, check the expiration date, evaluate the appearance of the product. A couple of extra minutes at the window in the store will save from buying a defective product and health problems. Eat cottage cheese with fruit, salads, substitute cottage cheese pasta butter. Most importantly, keep the measure.

Of course, the cheese product is useful and necessary to the organism. But all his positive qualities manifested fully, it is necessary thoughtful approach to the processes of selection, storage and use. Then nothing will prevent you to enjoy your favorite product from benefit.

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