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Doctors have called the most useful product for intestinal health

Медики назвали самый полезный продукт для здоровья кишечникаEating fish reduces the risk of colon cancer.

People who eat a lot of fish were more low-risk colon and rectal cancer, found a new study.

The conclusion was made by scientists from the University of medicine and dentistry of new Jersey as a result of analysis of 40 previous studies conducted in the United States, Norway, Japan, Finland and other countries.

Researchers have attempted to establish links between fish consumption and incidence of cancer. It turned out that fish lovers 12 percent less likely to suffer from colon cancer than those who rarely eat fish.

“Frequent consumption of fish provides health benefits in various areas: cardiovascular and reproductive systems, and reduces the risk of colon cancer,” said the study authors. An important role is played by the method of cooking fish. There is evidence that the frequent consumption of meat and fish on the grill or barbecue can be associated with an increased risk of cancer. To cook the fish better for a couple or bake in moderate heat, the researchers said.

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