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Doctors have called the most useful health products

Медики назвали самые полезные для здоровья продуктыThat is in April, so as to saturate the body with vitamins.

April — one of the most joyous months of the year, when the cold is behind us and the sun and the day growing associated with human forces.

If you feel tired, do not notice the flowering and the bright blue sky, recharge the body and prevent the beriberi will help best products APR.


Or rather, just hatched seedlings. Add them daily to salads, just eat it with vegetable oil, put in the cakes. This “super” rejuvenates and fills the body with energy at the cellular level. And it costs literally pennies. Experiment with germination not only of wheat, and any cereal to start active biochemical and immune processes.


Lettuce in April still appear on the shelves, they are not large and pale green. Right now this product contains the maximum amount of useful active substances. It will help to improve digestion, get rid of extra pounds, will enrich the body with vitamin K, phosphorus, potassium, carotene, zinc, selenium and many other minerals. And lettuce very easy to grow at home, on the windowsill, then you will be sure in the absence of nitrates.

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Chicken eggs

Even if you are fasting, after April 16, you can safely include in the diet of fresh eggs, cooked any way you like. Do not rush to buy eggs in advance of Easter. Even in the rush make sure to buy them only in Holy week, and paint on Saturday (according to the Holy books, there are no obstacles). Then on Sunday you eat fresh, healthy product, and not lying at least three days.

By the way, egg protein is absorbed better than that found in meat. This is a definite “super”, which is in every kitchen, not only in April.

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In this young green vitamin C 5 times more popular than the lemon. Only 50 grams of “grass” will provide the daily requirement of an adult. And parsley contains lots of vitamin B12, B1, D, calcium (more than milk), carotene. In General, instead of pills vitamins for Breakfast, eat a bunch of parsley, to get the natural active substances. By the way, parsley is a potent activator of insulin, making its main seasoning for type 2 diabetics.


Sailor no wonder Popeye loved to eat a couple of canned spinach. Even prepared this way, it retains the lion’s share of iron and calcium, and fresh — even more so. Time spinach begins in April, so don’t miss the moment to correct the haemoglobin and makes bones stronger. The perfect way to prepare this greens — for a couple. And stewed it becomes an exquisite side dish for fish.

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