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Doctors have called the most useful habits for health

Медики назвали самые полезные привычки для здоровьяHow to start to live a healthier lifestyle and improve your health?

A group of doctors gave the answer to this question, advising the people to enter in to your everyday life with a few simple rituals.

Experts have compiled a list of useful habits that recommend a purchase to everyone. One of those they called keeping a food diary.

According to scientists, the habit of writing down everything eaten for a day is a simple and effective way to deal with overeating and normalize their normal diet. In favor of this view say the results of different studies.

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Another very useful habit is the refusal to use electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime, said the doctors. “The use of gadgets before bedtime leads to that deep sleep stage is achieved too late and the body is not getting the proper rest,” said the therapists.

Another important habit is to always carry a bottle of water, they added. Drinking water in sufficient quantity, according to them, is the best tool to bring the body constantly accumulating harmful or toxic compounds.

Also to maintain health is extremely useful to be a physically active person, reminded the experts. They recommended to follow in order not to hold in a sitting or lying position a lot of time to regularly walk in the fresh air and to train yourself to do some simple exercises in moments, some pauses – for example, during commercials on TV.

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