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Doctors have called the most useful drink for health

Врачи назвали самый полезный напиток для здоровьяNamed drink that boosts immunity.

Most useful drink at any time of the year experts believe tea, and, depending on the variety and processing method it can affect the body.

This was told by the doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

“The most useful drink for the body is pure water, it improves the immune system due to the fact that nourishes the cells and helps the body rid itself of harmful compounds and toxins. Very useful are also natural teas, I recommend not to use tea bags and loose leaves – it is made from higher quality leaves that do not lose its beneficial properties during processing, milling and packaging,” says the doctor.

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In the morning, the doctor recommends to replace the traditional Cup of coffee black tea is a wonderful tonic for those who want to Wake up. For example, in sort of an “English Breakfast” of caffeine is less than coffee, but its part of a lot of antioxidants which slow the aging process of cells and perfectly cope with the removal of toxins from the body. Instead of sugar, the Cup of tea is better to drink with a spoon of honey.

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“During the day to keep your strength up will help green tea is a real elixir of youth and product health. In the composition of green tea – lots of antioxidants and polyphenols, so it helps fight aging, colds and viruses, fatigue, stress. It accelerates metabolism, promotes fat loss and helps to digest a heavy lunch,” says the doctor.

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