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Doctors have called the most useful bread

Медики назвали самый полезный хлебBread that can be eaten without fear of harm to health.

The use of bread is surrounded by many myths, though with the right approach, this product can be a self-contained part of almost any diet.

The case for small – to choose the right sort of bread from the great variety available on the shelves of stores, say nutritionists.

Bread from sprouted wheat

This bread is popular among adherents of a healthy food, but few know what he actually as good (or bad). The truth is, germinated beans, which become the raw material for such bread contains less starch and more protein.
This fact allows us to eat fewer of the product. It also contains more minerals and nutrients. The composition of the bread a more natural, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the study of the composition on the label.

Whole wheat bread

Bread made from 100% whole grains, less useful than bread made from sprouted wheat. However, it has more protein and fiber than regular bread. However, not all whole grain can be considered healthy.

Because of the desire to improve the taste of this bread it is often added artificial sweeteners and synthetic preservatives and stabilizers.

Studying the package, you need to make sure that this bread contained less than 3 grams of sugar per serving, and the sugar should be of natural origin, such as honey or cane.

Multizernovaya bread

This bread is made from several types of grains, among which are usually wheat, barley and millet. This is not necessarily whole grain, but in any case there are a lot of minerals and nutrients.

Due to the protein-rich grains, this bread is also very nutritious, but also enough calories, that should be considered when planning the diet.

Gluten-free bread

Although this bread is usually considered to be very useful, in fact it is not. Most of bread with the same lack of gluten, which is so not like modern fans of a healthy lifestyle, produced with the use of heavy starches. They source flour from white rice and potatoes.

To improve the texture and taste of the bread, put the fats and harmful sugars. In General, gluten free baking has a tendency to lower content of protein, fiber and nutrients, and more calories in comparison with the above varieties.

Unleavened bread

Instead of yeast in this bread using a starter. The flour most often used is white, so in this bread not enough protein, fiber and nutrients. That is why this bread is difficult for a long time to get enough. In other words, it absolutely will not be useful in diet menus.

There are yeast-free bread costs as little as possible only in the case if he, in your opinion, too good to abandon it altogether. Scientists still have not provided any evidence that it is better than regular white bread.

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