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Doctors have called the most simple means of recovery vessels

Медики назвали самое простое средство оздоровления сосудовThose who lead in the overall sedentary lifestyle, it is useful from time to time to walk for 5 minutes.

Even a short walk helps to maintain the health of blood vessels, the scientists from Indiana University.

5-minute breaks for a walk is useful for vessels of the legs and allow you to keep the tone of the femoral arteries, said researchers. Their experiments were carried out with the participation of men, who on the instructions of scientists that sat for a long time, periodically get up from my chair and walked.

In particular, without moving the feet, the subjects performed in a sitting position for 3 hours. The other part of the volunteers were distracted by a five minute walk within the same time for 30 minutes, 1.5 and 2.5 hours.

Observation showed that those people who took a pause to stretch, there has been deterioration in the blood vessels. Those who sat continuously for three hours, the tone of the arteries was significantly cooler.

Commenting on the data, the researchers noted that not only severe stress helps to be healthy — useful for vessels of virtually any feasible physical activity.

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