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Doctors have called the most healthy diet for weight loss

Медики назвали самые полезные диеты для похуденияThese diets are not harmful to health.

Can I lose weight by eating only delicious food? The answer to this question, without a doubt, positive.

There are many gourmet diets.

For example, Chinese, North and one of the most popular Mediterranean. For the latter characterized by frequent consumption of fish, fresh vegetables, whole grains. Allowed to drink wine in moderation. But from eggs and red meat should be abandoned.

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In these diets there are a number of features. Hard there are no restrictions. Prohibited only obvious harm. However, a quick result can be expected. Lose weight on easy gourmet diet not instantly, but the end result is stable. It would be correct to call this type of food is not even a diet, but a style and way of life.

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