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Doctors have called the most harmful morning habits

Медики назвали самые вредные утренние привычкиExperts told about those morning rituals that accompany the life of many people, and thus undermine their health.

His opinion was shared by the dietician Marina Kopytko and doctor sleep Alena Gavrilova.

In particular, the dietitian Marina Kopytko called quite helpful morning habit of drinking coffee. It is especially harmful for those who drink coffee on an empty stomach. The expert explained that the caffeine in this case too stimulates the bowels, which can lead to failure in metabolism.

Drinking coffee, according to the doctor, day should about 16 hours, when there is a change of biorhythms. Also, according to the dietician, one should not skip Breakfast or eat something very light – this habit causes early hunger and a tendency to constant snacking.

In addition, the need to avoid morning Breakfast cereal: after they increase the level of blood sugar, which negatively affects the metabolism and encourages throughout the day wanting something sweet. But what is absolutely not necessary to use in the morning is energy, said the expert: artificial stimulation of the nervous system will lead to the deterioration of health after some time.

In turn, the sleep Alena Gavrilova advised not to raise the alarm sharp and loud ringtones and not to get involved in intense physical exercise, and also to refuse habit to get out of bed a sharp jerk or jumping out.

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