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Doctors have called the most dangerous product for heart health

Врачи назвали самый опасный продукт для здоровья сердцаIn people who consume red meat daily increases the risk of diseases of heart, vessels and diabetes.

According to American scientists, the risk of death from various diseases in meat-eaters has increased because of the excess in the body is heme iron, which is a lot in red meat. Health was negatively affected nitrates and nitrites are added to meat during processing.

The staff of the National cancer Institute in the US analyzed the data 536 of thousands of men and women (aged 50 to 70 years) that were followed for 16 years. The researchers recorded how much meat and fish consumed by the participants.

It turned out that regular consumption of red meat (e.g., roast beef, pork or lamb) increased the probability of premature death for various reasons by 26 percent. Increased risk of dying from cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, infectious diseases, diseases of the kidneys, liver and lungs.

But to protect yourself from premature death helped regular consumption of white meat (chicken, Turkey) and fish. People prefer these products, died from different diseases much less frequently than those who did not use them.

But this does not mean that we should completely abandon red meat, scientists warn. Because it contains large amounts of iron, which helps maintain normal hematopoiesis in the body. Young people, as well as those who engaged in heavy physical work or suffer from anemia, in certain doses it is needed.

Scientists from Harvard conducted an extensive study that lasted 30 years. It was attended by 37 and a half thousand men and more than 83 thousand women. These people were physically healthy and regularly consumed red meat. During 28 years in the group died around 24 thousand participants: nearly six thousand from cardiovascular diseases and nine-and-a — half from cancer. Scientists then came to the conclusion: frequent consumption of red meat increases mortality from cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

To reduce this risk, the researchers advised to use a portion of freshly-cooked red meat no bigger than the palm of your hand twice a week. Also they recommended to abandon processed in the industrial way of meat, sausages.

Scientists warn that if the meat is fried, stewed, canned, produced by the carcinogens, pathogenic protein compounds, oligomeric proteins. These harmful substances can lead to serious diseases of the Central nervous system.

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