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Doctors have called the most dangerous heart disease

Медики назвали самые опасные болезни сердцаYou can die from it even 21-year-old boys

Doctors are encouraged to take care of heart, because of the contact with the Department of cardiology in our time not insured, and 20 years.

At risk predominantly male. But there are factors that accelerate the heart attack regardless of gender: a sedentary lifestyle, working at night, overweight, diabetes, bad habits, Smoking, alcohol abuse. The correspondent of TV channel “Ukraine” Natalya Malyarchuk talked to the doctors and called the most dangerous heart disease.

In the first place at the top of heart diseases – angina. This is a preinfarction state, which can be laid in a hospital bed-even a young man. The first symptom is chest pain. At the slightest manifestations of this disease we have to run to the doctor, otherwise, you are provided a heart attack. It takes the second place of our Top. This happened with the Ukrainian Mykola Kushnir, him 54 years old.

“I always passed the medical Board, is involved in sports. Working the military and never had heart problems,” he says.

Nicholas says that in the ICU with him was a very young man – 21 years, also after a heart attack.

On the third place ranking threat of heart diseases – stroke. He does not spare even 30 years.

Doctors advise men after 35 years regularly check your blood pressure, diet. And most importantly, not overwork: a chance to earn heart disease in workers at a third more than a person with a normal working rhythm.

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