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Doctors have called the methods of diagnosis of protein deficiency

Медики назвали способы диагностики дефицита белка Lack of protein causes health problems.

It seems that protein deficiency is something incredible, because it is contained in many foods. But a strict diet and poor diet can result in a lack of one of the most important substances for the body.

All our cells are made of protein, without it, the regeneration is simply impossible. Now in developed countries a small percentage of the population is faced with malnutrition, but there are other factors that lead to protein deficiency. For example, a strict diet, some diseases or ill-considered rejection of food of animal origin.

So, how to understand that you do not have enough protein? Protein deficiency can be identified by appearance. Hair becomes dry and brittle, nails, appear and worsen wrinkles, spoil the appearance and properties of the skin. In addition, if the lack of protein begins to lose weight, and most people lose muscle mass.

Other signs of lack of protein related to health, you should think if you often catch cold, hard recover and get injured where other people got off with small bruises.

With the shortage of protein is often the feeling of fatigue, and you can feel it as soon as I get out of bed. In the afternoon, there is drowsiness, but even if you sleep more than 8 hours sleep enough is not obtained.

Normal person should get at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, and during intense athletic exertion, stress and during recovery after illness it is recommended that this number be multiplied by two, and sometimes three.

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