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Doctors have called the habit of slimming

Медики назвали привычку, способствующую похудениюSleeping off on the weekends, you can lose weight.

Become slimmer at the expense of sleep is quite real, set this time the researchers.

They found that the body mass index (BMI) may decrease if the person has the opportunity to sleep in on weekends. “We are talking about restful sleep, not the habit of Napping,” – said experts.

The researchers observed over 2 000 people aged 19 to 82 years. They noticed that the people who at the weekend slept longer than during the week had a lower BMI. Each additional hour full sound sleep reduced the body mass index of 0.12, stated the doctors.

Doctors said that sleep deprivation affects the hormonal balance, metabolism and mechanisms of appetite: people with lack of sleep consume more food, as are inclined to constantly snacking because of the increased desire to eat. In such conditions it is easy to run the physiological mechanisms of obesity, hypertension, coronary heart disease, warned the experts.

Previously, scientists from the United States came to the conclusion that the possibility to sleep longer on weekends favorably affects important body functions and lowers the risk of diabetes.

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