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Doctors have called the best diet for weight loss

Медики назвали лучшую диету для похуденияThis diet quickly “clean up” the extra pounds.

Buckwheat diet for belly is a mono-diet, involving the use of a product during all the days of its observance.

Resorting to it, it is easy to lose up to 12 kg.

Buckwheat diet is aimed at normalization of weight, so if your weight corresponds to the growth, it is unlikely that it will help you to become slim. But this simple and effective diet will yield results without having to starve, if your weight exceeds the normal 5-10 pounds.

Cooked buckwheat is very nutritious, it contains high amounts of protein and very little carbohydrates, which, moreover, difficult to digest due to the structure of buckwheat fibers. In addition, buckwheat is rich in b vitamins, which increase the stress resistance of the organism, have a positive impact on the condition of nails, skin and hair. Calcium, molybdenum, iodine, zinc, cobalt, copper, Nickel, phosphorus, malic acid, and other useful items is also well absorbed by the body. Also a lot of vitamins P and PP.

The fiber in buckwheat is twice the content in the rice, millet, and oats. Therefore, the choice of buckwheat for this diet plan are completely justified. While keeping diet the body will not suffer from lack of vitamins and nutrients because the grain contains sufficient for normal functioning of the body amount. Buckwheat diet is very simple, fast, and, moreover, will not be any extra costs. It allows you to get rid of 5 kilos in a week. But to use it for a long time is not recommended, it is advisable to take a break after a week of compliance.

What products can be used

Like other mono, buckwheat involves the use of only one product — buckwheat, in unlimited quantities. To make the porridge, rinse the glass of buckwheat and pour it 2.5 cups of boiling water. Leave overnight to barley is swelled and were filled with water. So buckwheat has retained all its nutrients and does not need cooking.

It is rich in complex carbohydrates and long absorbed by the body, so the feeling of satiety comes not at once. As condiments you can use a small amount of soy sauce, but not to lose the essence of the diet, it needs to be unsalted. While dieting it is recommended to drink daily a litre of yogurt fat content of 1%. You can also pour it over buckwheat. In addition to the yogurt during the day you can drink mineral water without gas, green tea (unsweetened).

According to the schedule of diet, the last meal 4 hours before bedtime, but if hungry, you are allowed to drink a glass of diluted in half with water kefir an hour before bedtime. Subject to a less restrictive diet you can eat a small amount of fruit (except grapes and bananas), and about 150 g of yogurt (nonfat). The effectiveness of this diet less, but it is transferred easier through the arrival of fruit in the body glucose.

What foods should not be consumed

Diet belongs to the category of strict. It involves the use of porridge, cooked without the addition of spices (salt / sugar) and oil. Another important point is the out of the diet and a return to the former diet. In the first week, you should refrain from eating fatty, starchy and fried foods, sticking to a light diet.

Do not overuse the salt, it can lead to detention of fluid and formation of edema. To secure the result, you need to stick with a balanced diet. This will help hold the new weight and will help you to lose even a little excess weight in the future. If there is a desire to repeat the diet, it can be done no earlier than a month.

Examples menu

Buckwheat pour boiling water and infuse for the night. Porridge eaten throughout the day. Drink low-fat yogurt 1% (not more than 1 liter daily). If you adhere strictly to the diet is good, but if after a few days of one buckwheat is impossible not to break, you can afford a few pieces of prunes or dried apricots.

Dried fruits can be eaten alone or added to porridge. This will provide the body with vitamins, glucose to power the brain as well as cellular for the normalization of the bowel. You can afford a couple of savory fruit, coleslaw, greens is the main source of vitamins. Can also be diluted in water a spoonful of honey and drink.

Menu buckwheat diet

For Breakfast: without spices and salt. In addition, you can choose to eat 125 g low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt, 2 slices of cheese.
Lunch: a fresh salad of green vegetables, lean boiled beef (about 100g).
Afternoon snack: 125 g low-fat yogurt or an Apple.
Dinner: a plate of buckwheat, cooked in water, with vegetables and a small amount of soy sauce.
As a result of diet you will not only get rid of extra weight. Changes to your digestive system, for example, significantly reduced the volume of the stomach. Again it does not stretch, try to eat gradually, having broken into several stages. To do this will not be difficult, because of limitations in products produced by certain habit, the appetite remains low.

In the first days enough at Breakfast to eat one egg, hard-boiled and drink sweet tea or decoction of dried fruit. In the afternoon you can already afford more food. As early as possible should take place and the last meal, after which preferably only drinking milk, yogurt, tea, juice.

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