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Doctors have called berry a “kill” cancer cells

Медики назвали ягоду, "убивающую" раковые клеткиCalled the unique healing properties of rose hips.

Wild rose extract prevents the formation of “energy reserves” in the form of fat.

Two weeks of the experiment, obese patients, established a reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar.

They also concluded that rosehip extract stimulates the removal of urea from the body.

According to new research, rosehips extract contributes to significant suppression of growth and migration of malignant cells in the tumor breast (triple negative breast cancer).

This form of cancer is particularly aggressive and does not respond to the most applied schemes of specific therapy. Triple negative breast cancer develops mainly in women of young age. According to scientists from the University of North Carolina (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University), USA, the prospect of the opportunity to offer women a daily intake of vitamin pills containing extract of rose hips, with the aim of preventing breast cancer, it seems quite tempting. In addition, the natural product has no known side effects.

Triple-negative breast cancer has received the name because of the lack of cells of this tumor three growth factor receptors, which are the typical target for impact of specific anti-tumor therapy for cancer of this localization. As a result, most of the therapeutic schemes in the treatment of patients with this type of tumor are ineffective, moreover, in the case of achieving remission noted a significantly higher risk of relapse of malignancy and mortality within 3 years compared with other types of cancer of this localization.

Tissue culture with tumor cells of triple-negative breast cancer were exposed to different concentrations of extract of rose hips. Exposure highest concentration (1.0 mg/ml) was accompanied by reduced proliferation of tumor cells by 50%. At lower concentrations the severity of this effect decreased. The highest concentrations (0,25–1.0 mg/ml) reduced the migration of cancer cells by 25-45%. Further experiments showed that the extract exhibits therapeutic effects by reducing the synthesis of two enzymes, known for their stimulating properties in relation to cell growth of a tumor with triple-negative breast cancer. Herbal extract also enhance the effectiveness of commonly used chemotherapy in breast cancer drug doxorubicin in relation to suppression of cell proliferation and migration of cancer cells in cultures, indicating the possibility of using rosehip extract as an effective component of complex therapy of patients with this type of breast cancer.

Scientists hope that with the positive results of further research products based on rosehip extract may be effective in the prevention of breast cancer, as well as an additional element in the existing schemes of anticancer therapy.

Currently, rose hips are used as a natural source of vitamin C, drinking tea and additives to other dishes. In the study, researchers used a purified extract of wild rose, available as a dietary Supplement in tablet form or liquid extract.

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