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Doctors have called an unusual cause of early death

Медики назвали необычную причину ранней смертиThat will bring in an early grave.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen came to the conclusion that the factor of premature death can be lonely. According to the verdict of experts, lonely existence provokes the development of diseases, thus leading to an early grave.

Danish specialists have organized a comprehensive study of the causes of heart disease. In this project, they analyzed data from 13 of the 436 patients who were diagnosed with ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia, heart failure and heart valve disease. It turned out that most of these patients were single cores.

According to scientists, the loneliness contributes to the development of heart disease is not only in relation to the emotional aspect. Lonely people are less willing to support a healthy lifestyle, they are to a large extent inherent bad habits and excess weight. Unlike the family of people whose condition is not only under their own account, but and monitored by loved ones, loners rarely go to the doctor.

Previously, scientists from the University of Carnegie-Melona found that married people have lower levels of the hormone cortisol in your body. Therefore, less influenced by stress. Doctors say that stress is a determining factor in 40% of cases of heart attack and stroke.

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