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Doctors found a possible cause of dangerous diseases

Медики нашли возможную причину возникновения опасной болезниDoctors known possible way of occurrence of autism.

Gut bacteria may cause autism, as found by scientists from the University of Illinois. Pathogens in the stomach affect the brain development and thereby increase the risk of development of this behavioral disorder.

Intestinal bacteria may be one of the causes of autism. American scientists have found that pathogens in the stomach affect the brain development and thereby can increase the risk of a child to deal with autism spectrum disorder.

Data tripartite relationship between the brain, intestines and the stress hormone cortisol, apparently, affect the manner in which the human body is transmitted “messages” between cells. Irregularities in the transmission of signals can cause autistic symptoms.

Such changes during the infant period have a lasting effect on brain development, and it is possible that the microbiome, or collection of bacteria, fungi and viruses in the human intestine, plays an important role in this process. While scientists insist that in the future it is necessary to conduct additional studies for a more detailed study of this tripartite mechanism and its role in the onset of autism.

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The authors of the study observed for a monthly pigs, which were chosen for the reason that their brains and intestines are very similar in the stages of development of the same organs in humans. The researchers examined the feces of piglets in order to determine how the bacteria in the stool affect components in their blood and brain. The results showed that the presence of Bacteroides Bacteroides and Clostridium in the faeces is associated with an increased level of a substance called myo-Inositol involved in signal communication cells. Bacteroides are also associated with an increase in the number of substance called creatine in the brain.

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Bacteria Butyricimonas was connected with the amino acid n-acetylaspartate (NAA) in the brain, and reduced cognitive Ruminococcu concentration of NAA. The presence of this bacteria, as we found out, affect the hormone levels of cortisol and serotonin, which are determined by intestinal bacteria. Changes in neurometabolite during infancy can have a lasting effect on brain development, and therefore the microbiome can influence the onset of autism.

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