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Doctors explained who should lean on tangerines

Медики объяснили, кому следует налегать на мандариныTangerines have a lot of useful properties, of which everyone should know.

Mandarin is considered the most new year’s fruit and present without it, a festive table is impossible. But is it useful and safe tangerines, like all used to think?

Actually, the mandarins, like all other citrus fruits are a potent allergenic foods that you can eat only those who have no sensitivity to substances which cause Allergy.

Moreover, people who suffer from stomach ulcers or have they increased the acidity of the body, eat tangerines is not necessary, and in any form.

All other people should ease up on the mandarins and here’s why:

– they are low in calories and sweet, allowing you to eat them, even those who are sitting on a strict diet;

tangerine oil can be used to improve the condition of the skin and its smoothing;

– Mandarin oranges have a lot of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and protects people from seasonal diseases in the cold season;

– white streaks in Mandarin useful for vessels and people who have problems with blood pressure;

– Mandarin essential oil calms the nerves and it can even be used for hyperactive children;

tangerine juice has tonic and restorative properties;

these orange flavoured fruits can not only improve mood, but also to support the nervous system.

It is very important do not go for the tangerines as the last time, otherwise you may experience an allergic reaction. Just 2-3 pieces a day will be enough.

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