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Doctors explained who should be afraid of the stroke

Медики объяснили, кому следует опасаться инсультаEverything you need to know about stroke.

The prevalence of stroke in different countries ranges from 140 to 500 cases per 100 thousand population. At the moment on the planet was 16 million facts stroke. It is projected that this figure in 2030 will increase to 23 million this is why this topic is always relevant.


In Ukraine annually register approximately 110 thousand cerebrovascular events, 40 thousand of which are lethal. It turns out that nearly every third stroke dies. Others though continue to live, but not return to his former life, and especially work. All the doctors in a voice speak: stroke is the main cause of disability.

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“It is generally believed that before the age of 65 to think about the stroke before. However, unfortunately, it is not. Statistics confirmed that after 40 years, every fourth person (regardless of gender) is faced with atrial fibrillation, and hence the risk of stroke, he has increased 5 times, says Professor, head. categroy of neurology and reflexology in the National medical Academy of postgraduate education named after P. L. Shupyk, doctor of medical Sciences Natalia Sviridov. — There are additional risk factors: hypertension, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, thyroid disease, atherosclerosis, alcohol intake, Smoking.

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Hence the conclusion: if you’re over 40 and you’ve got one of the listed factors, annually go to the doctor. And measures such as the measurement of pressure and in a relaxed state, and in critical (e.g., when a headache), proper nutrition and abstinence from alcohol (especially with a cigarette) should be a firm part of your life. Otherwise, stroke, resuscitation, and disability (at best). If you or your family has atrial fibrillation, immediately start treatment. And be sure to check the cholesterol level, if it is high, consult your doctor about ways to control it”.

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