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Doctors explained the consequences of excessive coffee consumption

Медики объяснили, к чему приводит чрезмерное потребление кофе Excessive coffee consumption leads to obesity

Five or more servings of coffee a day increases the risk of hiring overweight and developing chronic diseases related to obesity, say researchers from the University of Western Australia.

Scientists have found that five or more cups of coffee a day double the amount of fat surrounding internal abdominal organs. This fat has traditionally been associated with fatal diseases. Experts believe that this effect is due to chlorogenic acid that previously, on the contrary, have found useful.

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Negative effects of coffee have been proven on the example of mice. Prior to this, the experts believed that coffee is useful, as it was only tested small amounts (1-2 cups). By the way, the acid referred to in the study can also be found in some fruits, including plum.

In the small concentration of acid increases insulin sensitivity, lowers blood pressure and inhibits the accumulation of body fat. However, in high doses, the reversal effect. Mice gaining weight is largely due to the growth of the layer of visceral fat (a precursor of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases). They have increased insulin resistance and sugar intolerance.

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Experts recommend not to abuse the drinking of flavored drink and try to drink no more than 3 maximum 4 cups a day. This will allow you to keep useful properties of coffee provided on the body, and to prevent its negative impact on health.

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