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Doctors explained how to recognize kidney disease

Медики объяснили, как распознать болезни почек Named the most common symptoms.

In our days millions of people around the world suffer from kidney disease of varying severity. One thing is always – if you suspect a problem with these life-important organs, do not delay visit to the doctor.

In this article we will talk about a few of the basic signs of kidney problems when they appear, you should immediately consult a specialist.


The sharp deterioration of the kidneys leads to accumulation of harmful toxins and impurities in the blood. Besides, healthy kidneys not only filter the blood, ridding it of toxic substances, but also produce the hormone erythropoietin, which is responsible for the formation of red blood cells – red blood cells. And they, in turn, saturate the body with oxygen.

Disturbances in hormone and accumulation of harmful compounds causes in people with diseased kidneys constant fatigue that does not resolve even sleep. Another complication that can cause kidney problems is anemia. These symptoms are treatable, and timely treatment to the doctor will increase the chances of recovery.

Sleep problems

As already mentioned, when the kidneys cease to function properly, the blood concentration increases threat to humans of toxins from healthy body is excreted in the urine. This creates problems with sleep, which can be a symptom of serious disease.

If you notice insomnia or frequent awakening in the middle of the night in conjunction with some other signs from the list – do not delay visiting the doctor. Also, people with diseased kidneys more frequently than others during sleep, may occur apnea – temporary cessation of breathing.

Itching and dry skin

Healthy kidneys normal perform many different functions that support the human body. They derive from him toxic and hazardous substances involved in the formation of red blood cells, controls the amount of mineral substances in the blood. If you notice itching, irritation or dry skin may be a symptom not the usual allergies.

Due to the fact that the diseased kidneys no longer properly control the amount of useful and harmful substances in the body, toxins can build up in the blood, and the minerals and nutrients will not be absorbed. This leads to a gradual poisoning of the body, and often appears unbearable itching without much visible symptoms, the person starts to itch and scratching the skin.

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Frequent urination

If you have not previously experienced problems with urination, and suddenly you need to go to the toilet more often, especially at night, think about visiting a doctor. This may be one of the symptoms of progressing kidney disease, which in any case can not run, otherwise the consequences could be irreversible.

This is due to the fact that the disrupted filters in the kidneys, and they no longer deal with liquids and toxic substances that enter the body. Sometimes this symptom could indicate a urinary tract infection or enlarged prostate in men, and no less dangerous to health.

Blood in the urine

Kidneys are an important part of the urinary system, and if they cease to function normally, crashes occur throughout the body. Healthy kidneys only filter the blood, removing only harmful and toxic substances. Red blood cells remain in the body.

If the kidneys are sick, and filtration is impaired, red blood cells begin to leak into the urine and removed from the body. People can not ignore this symptom – the blood is clearly visible, and the color of urine will become darker. Blood can be one sign of a tumor, kidney stones or infection, so you should not self-medicate.

Swelling under the eyes

The body always everything is interconnected, therefore, if you are suffering from the disease one system – this will no doubt affect the health of the whole body. When the kidneys are diseased, the filtering is much worse, and protein, which normally should be kept in the body, begins to appear from it along with the urine.

One of the main symptoms of impaired filtration are swelling under the eyes. If you have this problem is not encountered – do not ignore it, because it may indicate a sharp and significant loss of protein needed to maintain health.

Puffiness of the extremities

When the kidneys are not functioning properly, the body rapidly begins to accumulate sodium, which can lead to a number of unpleasant symptoms. Besides, the kidney disease is not able to remove the required amount of liquid. The failure of these important organs may indicate swelling of the hands, feet and even faces, which appear due to excess of water and harmful substances.

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Edema often appear on the feet and lower legs, as well as under the eyes. This symptom is visible immediately – it often happens that the person even becomes tight shoes, which he just recently worn without any discomfort. Swelling of the lower half of the body can also talk about the diseases of the heart, liver and veins.

Dizziness and weakness

One of the consequences of anemia, which is a symptom of many renal diseases – a lack of oxygen in the body. While in the blood decreases the amount of hemoglobin that carries oxygen. The brain does not receive essential nutrients and starts to signal.

This can lead to some unpleasant situations – the person is deteriorating memory, concentration, he can’t concentrate on anything. This creates for him many of the problems with the environment, as sudden bouts of dizziness and weakness to get anywhere.

A metallic taste

In kidney disease harmful substances are not removed from the body and slowly poison him. This phenomenon is called uremia. Because of this taste of the familiar products may change in an unpleasant way and acquire a distinctive metallic tone.

This symptom can be bad breath. In addition, many patients with kidney disease have noted that their taste preferences have changed significantly. For example, many no longer like meat, and some seriously losing my appetite, having no desire to eat.


One of the symptoms – anemia can not only cause frequent dizziness and weakness. It also affects the thoughts and mental activity of man. Due to the fact that the brain constantly lacks oxygen, the patient begins to lose the connection between thoughts, informed his usual actions are carried out with difficulty.

Some kidney diseases lead to a significant and sharp deterioration in memory, which can become a serious problem. Many patients claimed to have experienced discomfort when he realized that not remember actions performed two days before it or the words spoken last week.

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