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Doctors explained how dangerous the excess water in the body

Медики объяснили, чем опасен избыток воды в организмеExcess fluid in the body adversely affects the health and well-being, and can also be deadly.

The experts stress that the kidneys are able to handle 800-1000 ml of water per hour. If this indicator is higher, the body just can’t cope. Then the body of the washed vitamins and minerals.

In addition, the rising water levels in the body may provoke water intoxication. It increases the blood pressure in the brain, increasing the risk of damage.

The researchers explain that in the kidney is the storage for the filtered water, which provides the desired concentration of the urine the lack of moisture. But if a person regularly consume a lot of fluids, the kidneys stops to save and tubules established for reabsorbtsii, over time, become useless and cease to perform the function of storage.

The danger is that if the person in the hot weather suddenly left without moisture, your kidneys will not be able to cope with the situation and to saturate the body of the saved liquid. In this case, dehydration will occur almost instantly.

Moreover, excessive moisture parencymal cells of the liver and kidneys, they swell and are not so well cope with their responsibilities. In this regard, swelling can occur, provoking a rise in blood pressure in the blood vessels. As a result of a failure of the cardiovascular system – headaches. Moisture is retained in the lymph nodes and reduced immunity.

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